Sheriff’s Fall Message:

Sheriff Wickersham

If You See Something That’s “Not Right”, Call The Police!


We at the Sheriff’s Office arrested a man on August 21st after he was attempting to lure a young girl to his van.  There were neighborhood garage sales going on at the time, and an alert couple was watching the interaction between the man and the young girl.  The witness intervened by blocking the man’s van so he couldn’t drive away thus detaining the subject until sheriff deputies could arrive and arrest the man.  When the Sheriff Deputies interviewed the couple (who helped), they told the investigators that, as they were watching, something seemed “not right”.


If you see something going on and it seems “not right” trust your instincts and call the police.  Try and get a license plate number or a description to relay to the dispatcher.  But most importantly: call the police!  The seemingly small and inconsequential call you make may be just the information that we need to stop a crime from being committed, or to make an arrest.  While we don’t recommend that you risk your own safety, we do encourage everyone to keep an eye out and be a good witness.


Be safe, but get involved!


Be Sure To Lock Your Cars When You Leave 


Many Macomb County police agencies have been receiving reports of thefts from unlocked cars left unattended in parking lots and from cars parked in driveways.  Opportunistic thieves will go from car-to-car and check to see if the vehicles are locked.  If the doors are unlocked, they will take any items that are left in the car.   The common denominator here is that the cars were, in almost every case, left unlocked. Whenever you leave your vehicle, remember to remove any valuables and lock your car doors.  This small precaution can prevent you from being a crime victim.


Slow Down In School Zones


Finally, as the 2015/2016 school year begins, we need to be mindful as our excited children head to school and to bus stops.   Drive slowly, be attentive and mindful of the school buses loading and unloading.  Please pay attention to school crossing guards, stop signs and the flashing lights on school buses as they pick up and drop off our precious cargo.


On behalf of the hardworking men and women of the Macomb County Sheriff Office, have a great start to the school year!!!!

Sheriff Anthony M. Wickersham

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